All my independent heavens each (c. 1985) 

A belly full of deep, dark velvet gloves sink necklaces into the swimming pool, with dancing
Amber glitter, glamor Locket
bind together
oak trees there,
And you've perched in a neon green  aquatic plant, in my parrot costume,  and poked out
your   frozen
Dendrite vale. 
 a Santa in a  possum hat, a Santa in the cellar, in the corner- dusting for clocks   
                             Not for finger prints  
The water is glue, and dries the messenger on horse back who galloped down the stairs
in different forms , neon belt buckle, dream future. Reference black.
blue sky has              a dream  
 fallen flower rafters            graveyard roses
   wander in galactic-digital-fishnet, and swim that warm soap, soothe tooth stair;
five red blankets labeled whispers.              the
corner in penguin pajama smells,  and nickel-penny pattern blue birds~


{Seven inches,
             three drawings
             walking two symbols
             into a circled room }

                              Peppermint eyes flashlight
                              broadcast all over table top
                              language /math /letters
Orange upside down crumbs of USA- the black voice coughing Pepsi and spray bottle vinegar of rubber
                              Ravine flowers, trickle Moss
                              and ivy into the pond    -                          
 gestures of skeletons rising -
To the grey fallen angel as the raw milk pours from the speaker, it smells the
recording, listens to vetiver - grows ivy
                            Some of these static sounds
                            Know their way into milkshakes
                            They haunt with ghosts on
                            The pathways, hiding in saw                            
                     mill dust
Smoke rises prowling cats underneath the moon - 

Zachary Scott Hamilton is the editor for Mannequin Haus. His work appears in The Modern Anthology of Surrealism, (Salò Press 2016). 

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