Bit, bite, brussels sprouts he forked and
fed me, “rabbit food” my first love said.

“Vegetable is not a botanically useful term. Trust me,
I’m telling you stories.”

These bunnies
have a well developed dewlap-
a flap
of skin
under their (mothers’) chins
is used to keep offspring warm.

The warm spring of 2008,
introductory biology, inorganic chemistry, and philosophy of science where I
met the rabbit with pure white coat with pink eyes.

“I've done laboratory research on the organization and development of the nervous systems of
crayfish, rabbits, leeches, and, most extensively, frogs, where the work focused on the nature of
spatial representations, and the origins, organization, regulation, and significance of
unpredictability in neuronal function and behavior.”

-Paul Grobstein, Eleanor A. Bliss professor of biology at Bryn Mawr College

Mother of all rabbits,
 I stand on the shoulders of a flemish giant. 

Julia Rose Lewis is poet in residence of the archeology department University of Wales Trinity St David.  She lives on Nantucket Island and is a member of the Moors Poetry Collective.  Her poems have appeared in their anthologies, Firefly, 3am Magazine, and Backlash.  

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Image with thanks to Sam Piassek