Blessed in sunglow, surrounded by six of his stained glass panels,
    bathed in a prism of brilliance.

    Was he a surrealist? 

    A cubist? 

Mostly he was a Russian Jew bathed in exhausted crimson Shabbat nights,
or cloaked in the monochromatic strength of a prayer shawl.

Mostly he floated above the world where love met dismay,
    and the view, the view spread over his dreamscape

through gentle, through bloody, through inversion, through invasion,
    through crucifixion.

The last “savior” brought two thousand years of strife. 

What’s next?

Who will light our candles? Pound our nails? 

A disembodied cow’s head? 

A flaming fish playing a fiddle?

Charlie Brice's full length poetry collection, Flashcuts Out of Chaos, will be published by WordTech Editions in May, 2016. Their poetry has appeared, or is forthcoming, in The Atlanta Review, The Kentucky Review, Chiron Review, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Sports Literate, The Paterson Literary Review, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Spitball, Barbaric Yawp, VerseWrights, The Writing Disorder, and elsewhere. 

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