excited for things
not to be our fault anymore
we lined up
in sets of best friends
giddy along the pews, a bit nervous

i stretched my top down over my belly
i already knew i was fat and
i wanted to confess that
but i thought i’d get in trouble for it
it seemed like something i shouldn’t know yet


sitting on my couch and
looking at boys online
who found love
after they came inside me

basho said something is like
a melon whacked in half
that is what i am
but in a good way

in the long run
i am happy people can be happy

but there is still
a but

because all i am really saying here
is why doesn’t anyone
want to know me
and is that even something
people say

Anna Walsh is from Mullingar, and holds an MA in Creative Writing. Published in the Honest Ulsterman, Bohemyth, Headstuff, and others, she is currently working on her first collection of poetry. She co-runs The Gremlin. 

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