mykonos, famous for grilled

white fish ; famous

for sq. m. famous for a total plot surface

of 5,600 sq. m.                                                 weathered hills,




            the house and the plot have a great sea view .

            The house will have a great sea view.

            The sea is a temporary and moving object.

            The sea has a terrible view

            of rotted concrete.

            The sea has a terrible view of

            obscured pins,

            blue paint, dead

            grass.                                       [ Eniopous is a drowned

                                                            ball of hair; his armour

                                                            was the death

                                                            of his body. ]


nobody should have to measure their body by sq. m. or

by views of the sea or, a surface or wild pins, as if wind

warped, as if salient. So much like a temple, the scrubby

sun-caked land of which miles are olive trees, their branches

low to the ground like a wrestler's ulcer; a black hole is a

void into the belly of another nothing; wild pins, catching

your shirt cloth. You crouch on an uprooted chair.

            You imagine smiling

            over the dinner plates.                         Your blonde wife

            smiles back at you

            You rise to open a window,

            onto a great sea view. It throws salt, at your body.

Owen Vince is a poet, arts critic, and editor of PYRAMID Editions poetry press. He has a chapbook of poems arriving later this year with White Knuckle Press. He tweets @abrightfar.

Owen is also the author of EXPO, VICTION

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