A thrilling collection of poetry, prose, and experimental works - introducing the stellar line-up for Issue Three. With over a hundred and fifty submissions for this issue some impossibly tough choices had to be made. Thank you so much to all submitters, as always, this would not be possible without you. And to readers, the familiar and the new, please circle July 7th in your calendars (a tantalisingly close date) in anticipation of the Third Issue of Dead King Magazine. Unhook your nails from the centre of your creased palms, stretch your fingers. It's alright - we're on our way and you don't have to wait long. 


Miggy Angel is the author of the poetry collection Grime Kerbstone Psalms published by Celandor books. He is the host and organiser of the monthly poetry event Speech Therapy, the facilitator of the Do Or Die Poets (a weekly creative writing workshop for people in addiction recovery) and is the poetry/fiction editor and founder of Burning House Press.

Rosa Campbell is a graduate of the University of St Andrews and Trinity College Dublin and (in Joe LeSueur's words on Frank O'Hara) 'an arrogant, uncontrite queer.' She currently lives in Liverpool (UK) where she is the Associate Editor at Valley Press, and spends the rest of her time pointing out nice dogs - although she is about to move back to Scotland to begin her PhD. Her work has previously been published in Haverthorn, Icarus and LS13: A New Generation of Leeds Writers, was longlisted in the 2015 Plough Prize, and is forthcoming in the Journal of Literary Translation. She is currently slouching towards a first collection, and can be found on Twitter as @rosaetc.

Matthew Carbery is a poet and associate lecturer working in Plymouth, UK. He is interested largely in long poems, phenomenology and philosophical pessimism. He has poems published in Tears In The Fence, Blackbox Manifold, CTRL ALT DEL, Otoliths, Stride and Dead King Magazine. He is also Assistant Editor of Periplum Press and Editor of EPIZOOTICS! zine.

Tristan Foster writes criticism and experimental short prose. He has had work published in SAND, Music & Literature, The Scofield, Black Sun Lit, Words Without Borders and elsewhere. Tristan is an editor at 3:AM Magazine.

Effy Fritz’s poetry has been featured on MTV News and Button Poetry, among other places. Effy was a member of the 2015 Temple University CUPSI team which was awarded Best Group Performance. She holds a BSc in Neuroscience and is currently immersed in immunological research at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Catie Hannigan is a poet and visual artist from Maine. Her chapbook, What Once Was There Is The Most Beautiful Thing, was published by DIAGRAM in October 2015. More of her work can be found at http://www.catiehannigan.com

Benjamin Harnett, born 1981 in Cooperstown, NY, is a fiction writer, poet, historian, and digital engineer. His essays, poems, translations, and short stories have appeared in Brooklyn Quarterly, Pithead Chapel, Wag's Revue, the Columbia Review, Tahoma Literary Review, and Queen Mob's Tea House. He holds an MA in Classics from Columbia University, and lives in Brooklyn, with his wife, Toni, and their pets. In 2005, he co-founded the fashion brand Hayden-Harnett. He currently works at The New York Times.

Gillian Lee is a poet and video artist from Washington, DC. She likes reading poetry but mostly other peoples' diaries and her heart beats too quickly. Her poetry zine, A Goney Island of the Kidneys, was recently published on Gauss PDF. Her video "Jazz in Pink and Black" was recently published in the inaugural issue of Heather Press. She can be found on twitter (@whagever) and tumblr (@whaglever).

Niamh McNulty is sorely enchanted by all that sparkles and is deeply upset that she isn't a fairy princess as her name suggests. Besides not being magical, she is also not a poet... she just so happened to write a poem. When not studying you will find her advocating for human rights or trying to make her Tumblr, unicorncasual, look pretty. 

Subashini Navaratnam lives in Selangor, Malaysia and has published poetry and prose in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Mascara Literary Review, Poetika Malaysia, Aesthetix, Sein und Werden, minor literature[s], Anak Sastra, and Jaggery. Her writings on books have appeared in The Star (Malaysia), Pop Matters, 3:AM Magazine and Full Stop and she has published nonfiction in MPH's anthology, Sini Sana and Buku Fixi's ebook, Semangkuk INTERLOK as well as fiction in KL Noir: Yellow. She tweets at @SubaBat.

D. J. Parris has had recent work in Third Point Press, American Chordata, The Nomadic Journal. HOUND and Noble Gas Quarterly among others and has forthcoming work in The Invisible Bear. He lives in Aldie, VA with his wife and son. 

Elizabeth Ribar is a QWOC living in Queens, NY. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter @ElizabethRibar.

Jon Riccio is an incoming PhD candidate at the University of Southern Mississippi. His work appears in apt, Booth, CutBank Online, Hawai'i Review, The HIV Here and Now Project, and Redivider, among others. He received his MFA from the University of Arizona.

Nora Selmani is a recent graduate of English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. Her poems have appeared in femrat magazine, and the zine which she helped to launch with the Women’s Association at the University of Birmingham womanifesto. She has also written articles for the Birmingham branch of The University Paper and had academic work published by Porridge. A Londoner of Kosovar descent, Nora’s work deals with issues around diaspora, conflict, immigration, and homesickness. She can be found on Twitter @muhaxherkemami.   

Grant Tarbard is internationally published. His collection As I Was Pulled Under the Earth, published by Lapwing Publications, is available now.




The Hard Cell
Green Juice Jewel Box Methadone Program

Quiet Witching

from Conspiratoire

Then God; or, the Daily Torments of the Devil

Lost on Mardi Gras
8 Weeks

Unfinished Business

William Harvey's Dogs



After great pain

I, Spurge

the kitchen
the siren of Bushwick




Issue 3