Trigger warnings are a hot topic and we want to articulate Dead King's policy clearly on this page. 

We support the use of trigger warnings & will use them.

It's that simple. And to explain the reason behind this, I turn to the words of Megan Nolan

“Trigger warning” is just the name of a concept which serves a very simple, humane purpose. The purpose is not to halt or to censor discussion of difficult issues, but rather to enable them. 

The purpose is to create conditions in which a traumatised person might be given the room and power to engage in discussion about their own lived experience. I would say that that consideration is the very least they are owed.

That's it. Trigger warnings do not stifle, limit, or disrupt 'debate' about writing or art, they simply act as a disclaimer saying 'hey, this contains x, y, z, which may affect some people'. The same way that graphic violence or sexual content is recorded on film certification - it doesn't stop you watching the film but you are informed and able to make a judgement about whether or not to watch it for yourself. 

Thanks for reading.